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Postdoc: Quantum Information in Si Nano-Transistor
NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)
Gaithersburg, MD, USA
Position: Post Doc

Job Description
AS OF APRIL 19, 2012, WE ARE NOT ACCEPTING FURTHER APPLICATIONS NIST (a government research lab located in Maryland, USA) has a program in researching single-electron tunneling (SET) devices, based on Coulomb blockade. These devices, when operated at low temperatures, give us the remarkable ability to monitor or control the motion of single electrons. Among the goals of our research are to develop charge and spin qubits for use in quantum computing.

Working at the new NIST nanofabrication cleanroom (, we have recently succeeded in making Si-based multi-level nano-transistors which show good stability and Coulomb blockade behavior.

Going forward, we have an opening for a two-year postdoc position, which will entail working on both the fabrication and pursuing measurements of stochastic and quantum coherent properties of these devices. Measurements are tyically done with low-noise electronics in a dilution refrigerator.

Although not required, it would be helpful for any applicant to have experience in any or all of the following: i) Thin-film lithography and processing (CMOS-compatible processing of MOSFETs would be particularly useful); ii) Quantum information and quantum computing areas of research; iii) Low-temperature, low-noise electrical measurements of nanodevices.

Application Info
For further information, please contact:
Neil Zimmerman (NIST)
(301) 975-5887

2012-04-04 12:56:54

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